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Lease-$mart Equipment Leasing gives you:

  • Programs for your best tax savings
  • 100% financing
  • Purchase Options of $1 or Ten Percent
  • Fast, simple application
  • 100% tax deductible plans
  • Lowest effective rates
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Preservation of cash and bank lines
  • Pay as equipment produces income

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What options and terms are available. Which is my best choice? Lease-$mart offers a one dollar purchase option (which is treated as a purchase);  a ten percent option; and Fair Market Value option (often treated as deductible expense payments). The best for you can be determined after a brief conversation. We encourage your accountant to call us. Custom format requests are readily accomplished. Standard terms are from 2 to 5 years.

How long does it take to be approved? What is required
? And are thise start-up fees? If your business has been established for two years or longer, your simple lease application will usually be approved within a day.  We do not charge an application fee.  All payments are applied to Advance Rentals and a small one-time  documentation cost.  After the lease is signed, Lease-$mart issues a purchase order for the exact equipment that you have selected. Upon verified delivery of your equipment, we pay the invoice and your lease begins.

What types of equipment does Lease-$mart lease? From whom is it ordered? Lease-$mart Equipment Leasing  leases virtually any business or professional equipment. We usually handle the entire invoice including options, software, installation costs -- even training. Equipment is ordered from any reputable vendor that you specify.

What about equipment obsolescence? Can I upgrade
and/or add on? Upgrading and adding on equipment are everyday occurrences on Lease-$mart leases. Your original lease can be amended, or a new lease can be structured at the time of new acquisition. We want long-term relationships satisfying all of your leasing needs.

Lease-$mart is Ready to Help YOU.

Call Lease-$mart Equipment Leasing today for direct answers to your questions about our financial products and about equipment financing in general.  Our principal, Garry Greene, C.L.P., is a professional.  We are recognized by the industry for knowledge, experience, and reputation.  Call Gary at 800-532-7303 today!

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